What we do

We examine a wide range of security areas to strengthen every part of your operating systems and databases, greatly reducing the attack surface and the risk of compromise.

This assessment is ideal for business-critical hosts, such as servers holding personal data. We specialise in Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems, as well as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL and Postgres databases.

Operating System Hardening Assessment

Once an attacker has a foothold on your network, they will move around the network to find the servers most valuable to you (and consequently to them). Hardening the OS will make it very tough for an attacker to successfully compromise your hosts. We scrutinise all aspects of your OS to see whether it’s configured to withstand this kind of attack.

Database Hardening Assessment

We answer the following questions:

  • Who has access to the data?
  • How do they access the data?
  • How much data do they have access to?
  • What access is granted?
  • Is access tracked and logged?

Our analysis will suggest the ways your database configuration could be improved (e.g. preserving evidence of data breaches through auditing and logging; pegging security to regulatory standards).


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